Apostolisch Genootschap, Rotterdam [NL]

EeStairs + Terrena Architecten

When the Apostolic Society planned a new multifunctional and energy-efficient building in Rotterdam, EeStairs was commissioned to connect the ground and first floors with an extremely elegant staircase, in collaboration with the Society’s architects, Terrena.

Terrena’s design of the building accentuates internal flexibility and maximised natural light. The main staircase echoes the Modernist clarity of the building’s facades with a graceful spiral of white-painted steel balustrades and seamless EeSoffit, which look beautiful in natural light. The geometry of the stairs is expressed with the balustrades, soffit, and the wooden handrails. The gap between the stair balustrade and the steel balusters on the landing adds a delightful refinement to the design.

The considerable size and weight of the staircase was a challenge to EeStairs’ installation team, and it was delivered in several sections which were very precisely connected on site. The clients say the building is designed as a place to meet – “for example, on the beautiful, well-made spiral staircase.”

Fotografie Hans Morren

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