EeStairs + Residential

In the residential sector, architects typically come to EeStairs with an indicative stair design, and we then help them to develop the design in much greater detail. For example, we will collaborate at the earliest stage possible to refine any structural challenges by supplying accurate 3D modelling and structural design loads.

Our supportive involvement removes any risk of inaccuracy in staircase fabrication because our own in-house engineering and software produce the stair-fabrication drawings. This means the stair design is never lost in translation – the domestic staircases we make in our factory are exactly as designed, right down to the finest details.

And to help designers and specifiers refine their domestic projects, we can give them direct access to the EeStairs materials library so they can assess combination, or create moodboards.
As you can see from our residential sector case studies, the design and outstanding build-quality of EeStairs domestic staircases is unmistakable.

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