Tridel Design Centre, Toronto [CA]

Tridel Design Centre, Toronto [CA]

EeStairs + II by IV Design

EeStairs made and installed the staircase in the reception area of the Tridel Design Centre in Toronto, operated by one of Canada’s leading builder and developer of condominiums – and they believe that ‘quality is never an accident, it’s always the result of high intentions’.

The staircase’s visual Wow Factor was obvious in its general form, and in the resolution of key details. The two flights, linked by a landing structurally connected to the reception’s corner walls, are formed of thick marble-wrapped treads anchored to central steel spines.

The way the treads meet the laminated low-iron glass balustrades was critically important. EeStairs ensured that the marble tread-ends met the glass perfectly so that the fixing bolts would ‘lock’ the treads securely into the glazing. Other important details were equally well-resolved: the precise line of the black mild steel handrails, and the junction of the two glass balustrades at the landing.

Photography Hans Morren