EeSoffit by EeStairs

The EeSoffit™ guarantees strong, super-smooth soffits and perfect edges even on staircases with complex geometry, such as spiral or elliptical stairs – which is very difficult and time-consuming to achieve with plaster soffits.

Traditional handmade plaster soffits, and soffits made with standard boards, are not always perfectly smooth or precisely edged, and they are prone to movement and cracking or scratching. EeStairs developed the EeSoffit™ system to deliver absolutely smooth, seamless soffits for feature stairs – even those with dramatic geometries and tight radiuses.

The water-based EeSoffit™ system is stable and is not affected by changes in humidity or temperature, and this is why it can be joined to stringers or balustrades made with different materials. The factory-prepared EeSoffit™ surfaces are applied on site by EeStairs installers and provide an excellent substrate for a range of different paint finishes.

OZC, Tilburg [NL]
OZC, Tilburg [NL]
OZC, Tilburg [NL]
Apostolisch Genootschap, Rotterdam [NL]
Apostolisch Genootschap, Rotterdam [NL]
Apostolisch Genootschap, Rotterdam [NL]
Curved office bespoke staircase
Vreugdenhil HQ, Nijkerk [NL]
Vreugdenhil HQ, Nijkerk [NL]
Vreugdenhil HQ, Nijkerk [NL]
Expensive staircase for Akzo Nobel
Akzo Nobel, Amsterdam [NL]
Akzo Nobel, Amsterdam [NL]
Akzo Nobel, Amsterdam [NL]

Four big advantages of the EeSoffit™

  • Smooth and stable. EeSoffit™ guarantees a smooth, stable, geometrically accurate soffit, and it can be applied to stairs quicker than plaster soffits.
  • Tough. Unlike plaster, the EeSoffit™ is tough and tear-resistant and provides a perfectly smooth and consistent surface for gloss, matt, and satin finish paints.
  • No solvents. The EeSoffit™ material is water-based, without solvents.
  • Fire resistant. The A1 version of EeSoffit™ provides excellent fire resistance. It meets the B/S1/d0 European Fire Classification standard, in accordance with European Standard EN-13501-1. And in the US, EeSoffit™ has an A fire rating in accordance with ASTM E84.



EeSoffit™ is versatile

Because it is strong and extremely stable, the EeSoffit™ can be used for virtually any stair-form or setting. As a result, EeStairs have manufactured and fitted the EeSoffit™ to straight or geometrical stairs in retail, commercial, and domestic settings.

What makes the EeSoffit™ so strong and stable?

It’s top layer is a precise mixture of silica, water, and resin, which delivers a hard, smooth finish with a movement range of only 0.3%.

What are its advantages over plaster?

Plaster can be scratched, or it can crack, and its surfaces are rarely perfectly smooth – especially where its edges meet other materials. This does not apply to EeSoffit™. In curved staircases, the smoothness of surface and the geometrical and edge accuracy of EeSoffit™ is visibly superior to plaster soffits..

Is the EeSoffit™ difficult to apply?

No, because these soffits are factory-prepared by EeStairs as part of our carefully controlled stair-making and on site installation process.

What paints can be used on the EeSoffit™?

We can apply any specified RAL colour to the soffits, using a variety of paint finishes.

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