Arabesque by EeStairs
Sculpted by EeStairs
Tron by EeStairs
Interlace by EeStairs
Slice by EeStairs
Tube by EeStairs

How EeLab fuels our pursuit for creativity and innovation

EeLab is a creative space within EeStairs in which our own designers and in-house architects experience the freedom that allows them to design staircases that are mind-bending and revolutionary.

All staircases that are designed within EeLab have to theoretically possible to build. Because of this requirement, we can guarantee that every EeLab staircase can be realized by us, through the use of innovative methods and precise engineering. We always try to see how far we can go with creating futuristic designs that can still be realized and installed. This is the reason why EeLab fuels our pursuit for creativity and innovation, it pushes us to look beyond what we know. It motivates us to explore, to experiment, to grow.

Sculpted by EeStairs
Mirror by EeStairs
Tube by EeStairs

We continuously show our audience projects that we are working on, and staircases we have finished. However, EeLab does something entirely different; it does not show us what is, it shows us what could be.

Our goal with EeLab is to inspire people to think beyond the known concepts of what a staircase should be, and instead discover alternative approaches to traditional methods.

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