EeStairs + User

Building or renovating your home gives you the opportunity to turn dreams into reality. An EeStairs® staircase or balustrade can be an expression of your own personal style, whilst adding character and value to your property.

EeStairs has the experience and technical know-how to deliver exceptional, bespoke EeStairs® Custom Designs or exciting, affordable EeStairs® Standard Designs, both of which will enrich your home.


Working closely with you, we gain an appreciation for your taste and specific needs before developing your unique design solution. Using visualizations at an early stage in the proceedings we can show you exactly what your dream staircase will look like. This enables us to assist you in the exploration of materials and specification, and in doing so refine the staircase to suit your budget.


EeStairs has a passion for supplying exceptional feature staircases, delivering bold exciting designs and turning the humble staircase into something truly spectacular. By combining experience, creativity, and innovation, we are able to achieve extraordinary results.

Exploring boundaries

The possibilities are almost limitless when combining geometry, material choice, and design language. The options are so broad that each staircase or balustrade is certain to be a unique product.


When the EeStairs specialists are involved you can be rest assured that the creation of your bespoke staircase is in safe hands. We have the in house know-how to deliver your unique, high-quality staircase or balustrade on time and on budget.


When designing and producing your EeStairs® dream staircase, we take into account all of the relevant regulations, architectural requirements and the budget allocated to the stair. We turn your design into reality quickly and skillfully without rushing things.